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Spotify Wins Best Music Service [Mashable Awards]

Mashable Awards

Top social media reporting website Mashable has awarded Spotify with their 2011 “Best Music Service or App” award this year, wrapping up a 2011 that saw the service arrive in the United States with huge success along with Facebook integration and the launch of Spotify Apps, a new system that brings more interactivity to the music platform.

In a post on its official blog Spotify wrote:

Thanks to all our fans who voted for us! We love you guys too. To celebrate, jam with us to this playlist!

With major record labels endorsing the Spotify music streaming system and their system continuing to form partnerships with major audio, TV and other hardware manufacturers it’s likely we’ll see more Spotify integration in 2012 and beyond.

Are you a fan of Spotify? Do you think it’s the “Best” music streaming app on the market?