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Why Were You Deleted on Facebook? [Infographic]

unfriended on facebook

I have to admit to being a bit unreasonable about being Facebook-defriended- if you delete me on Facebook, I will probably hold it against you for the rest of your life and you are not invited to my celebrity pizza party.

Since we can organize Facebook friends by privacy level (so your aunties don’t see all your shares with curses in them) and mute those that post incredibly irritating games or whine-fests, Facebook deletion is a step generally taken when someone has annoyed you to no end and you no longer wish to carry on a relationship with them from that moment forward. (Or if you’re my best friend, a weekly occurrence when I forget to return his texts.)

Thankfully, researchers are delving into the causes of Facebook defriending, examining the reasons behind Facebook deletions. And if you find yourself on the receiving end of a dropping friend-count, you might want to review the below behaviors to figure out why web-mates no longer wish to know the details of your Waffle House excursions or work annoyances. (You can also use an app like Chrome’s Unfriended extension to monitor who has unfriended you on Facebook and when.)

According to the above infographic, the top reason Facebook users delete friends is offensive comments (55%), followed by realizing a friend is a total stranger (41%) and pushy users trying to sell something (38%.) Have you unfriended a Facebook friend? What caused you to delete them?