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Reddit Secret Santas Number 37,000 So Far, in 110 Countries

reddit secret santa 2011

An update to the general Reddit blog today indicates that the site is on track to achieve its stated goal of breaking a Guinness record for Largest Online Secret Santa Game, with a massive participation from the Reddit community since the initiative’s kick-off on November 25th.

Reddit’s secret santa program (along with its mid-year counterpart gift exchange for Arbitrary Day) has proven extremely popular this year, with more than 37,000 participants in more than 110 countries. Stories from the gift exchange have been shared on Reddit and Facebook, detailing extravagant gifts including a cruise and a laptop, and celebrity participants such as Bear Grylls, Wil Wheaton and Pee-Wee Herman.

Over on the Reddit Gifts site, the dedicated and newly-minted full-time staff has been maintaining an upvote-able gallery of Reddit’s most compelling secret santa gifts. If you missed the Reddit secret santa boat, the site also plans a large book exchange for early in 2012.