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Lindsay Lohan Playboy Leak Spurs Print Sales, Online Subscriptions

lindsay lohan playboy sales

Flagging soft-porn mag Playboy has seen a bit of a boost after a naked pictorial of troubled star Lindsay Lohan graced the decades-old girlie mag’s cover and pages.

There was a lot of lead up to Lindsay’s skin-baring feature in the mag, which has had some difficultly selling both magazines (due to the abundance of free internet porn) and online access subscriptions (due to free internet porn) in recent years. But short of actual sales figures, TMZ says that the brand has seen a boost in both print and for the web since the issue rekindled interest in the Playboy brand:

According to our sources, newsstands in major cities like New York and Los Angeles have had to re-order the issue multiple times. We’re told Playboy is even getting re-orders from cities that usually never order more issues… Our sources say Lindsay’s appearance in the mag has also had an effect online as well … where the mag has seen a huge increase in subscription sales to their online service, iPlayboy.com.

The site indicates that the issue has been “selling out” in many markets.