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KLM to Introduce Social Seat Selection Based on Web Profiles

KLM facebook seat selection

Hmm… from the files of “not sure if want” comes an innovative new KLM initiative to combine social media and seat selection.

On one hand, you won’t find yourself stuck next to a totally boring person who shares none of your interests. On the other, you could be stuck next to someone who totally shares your favorite stuff, and won’t let you conk out on Xanax and enjoy the flight in a stupor. Unless you add pharmaceutically-induced comas to your interests, then you’re safe.

KLM’s “Meet & Seat” program will pull data from your social networks to help you select a seatmate, and is expected to become available next year. Limited information is available about the program, but International Business Times got confirmation from KLM spokeswoman Mina Jarvis, and had this to say about KLM’s information on the program so far:

The matchmaking service will be available to all passengers, but those who would prefer to keep their headphones on and their laptops out can choose not to make their profile publically available… The idea is that passengers will be able to pick people with the same interests for a seatmate, but access to the Web sites will also allow them to buddy up based on professions or even looks.

According to the site, a recent poll reveals that 45% of passengers concede they’ve flirted on a flight in the past year- so the program could be a success. Would you be interested in getting paired up with hot swingles on future flights based on your Facebook profile?