|| Author: Kim LaCapria|

Mark Cuban Backs Site Brotips

brotips mark cuban

Although it’s only been around for ten months, popular dude-centric advice site Brotips got backing in the millions yesterday from Dallas Mavericks owner and general billionaire Mark Cuban.

Details of the deal were not disclosed, but one of the site’s founders, Mossab Basir, confirmed it to be less than $10 million- still a pretty penny for a relatively new and simple (if brilliant) site. Cuban joked to Fast Company that he invested one billion dollars and 17 cents into Brotips after a press release announcing his investment and position as advisor to the company was announced. The release rather succinctly describes the culture that has grown up around the Brotips brand while remaining palatable to both sexes:

The site is based on bite-sized ‘brotips’ that users read, post and forward to their friends, which propels each tip to spread virally across users’ social networks. Brotips are written in a unique narrative and voice and cover topics such as dating, school, friends and ‘bromance’. “Essentially, Brotips has taken a large, niched and non-inclusive culture and redefined it”, says Yousef Khraibut, Co-Founder and President of Brotips. Unlike traditional ‘bro’ media, the site has built its reputation and following by redefining the bro from the traditional alpha-male jock to instead represent a gender-neutral outlook on the everyday havocs of life.

In the release, Cuban cited “the Brotips brand and its growing clout online makes it an attractive property with a number of viable opportunities ahead of it” as a compelling reason to invest in the site.