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Humble Indie Bundle 4 Officially Live

humble indie bundle

Humble Indie Bundle 4- the latest installment in the DRM-bucking, multi-platform (PC, Linux and Mac) pay-what-you-want game bundle series- is officially live, running at an average of $5.30 per purchase. (PC users are coming in at about $4.83, while Mac users are shelling out about $6.97 and Linux users a generous $9.67.)

As of 11:45 EST the night of Humble Indie Bundle 4’s release, the collection has sold nearly 160,000 copies. It includes the titles Super Meat Boy, Shank, Jamestown, Bit.Trip Runner, and NightSky. If you chuck in more than the running average, you get bonus titles Cave Story+ and Gratuitous Space Battles. Like previous Humble Indie Bundles, you can divvy up the amount of money you’re paying to go entirely to charity, entirely to developers, or to a custom mix of the two. (You determine the exact split of proceeds with a slider.)

I purchased Humble Indie Bundle 4 for my son, and it also allows for a gift code, offering up a URL on which the recipient can unlock all five or seven games, depending on whether you outstripped the average. Interested in picking up Humble Indie Bundle 4? The site accepts PayPal, Google Checkout and the highly convenient Amazon Payments. You can buy Humble Indie Bundle 4 here.