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Metromix Shutters in Seven Markets, Denver and DC Among Casualties

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Local entertainment site Metromix has converted seven major markets to “Express” versions of the Metromix brand after the concept failed to be profitable for the cities.

Atlanta, Cleveland, Denver, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Tampa and Washington DC will be downgraded to the less-robust Metromix Express, sites which are described as “database driven and [aggregating] event data into the site from multiple sources as well as other entertainment information.” In a statement issued by Gannett, the company addressed the future of full-time employees of the Metromix brand:

“We are appreciative of the employees who worked on the Broadcasting Metromix sites and have been able to offer eight employees positions within Broadcasting’s operations.”

The Metromix sites were conceived in 2007, a partnership of the Tribune Co. and Gannett, and the original plan was to eventually grow to a stable of 30 sites. Ultimately, Metromix expanded to 60 sites- but Metromix Denver lead Matt Farley told local press that only a scant handful are currently healthy:

“Only two or three out of the company’s roughly 60 markets were doing well,” he said. “It’s definitely disappointing.”