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New Media Journalists Arrested In Zimbabwe

Robert Mugabe - Fear Mongerer

Four new media journalists were arrested this week while attending a civic education meeting in western Zimbabwe. According to officials the digital journalists were involved in an illegal political gathering.

In a statement from the Media Monitoring Project Zimbabwe the journalists were arrested under the nation’s sweeping security laws which aim to stifle all freedoms of speech and public assembly.

The journalists were arrested because they handed out information pertaining to fair and balanced reporting for elections that are proposed for 2012.

Four independent journalists have been arrested in the past two weeks under claims of criminal defamation against President Robert Mugabe.

With extremist regimes falling all over the world you would think leaders for those groups would begin to realize that their stronghold over organized citizens is faltering and try a new approach. It’s a sad day for international new media reporting but at least we can still voice our disgust with Robert Mugabe and his fear mongers.