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Spotify Apps Arrive, Introduce New Ways To Share And Discover Music

Spotify Apps

Spotify on Wednesday used their conference to debut Spotify Apps, a new platform that allows users to more easily share, discover and even sing along to their favorite songs, all from within the Spotify console.

Much like applications found on social networks and other websites each app was created by third-party service providers and each app offers their own unique options.

For example users who want to follow along to the lyrics of a song can use TuneWiki to display the lyrics and follow along as they are sung in real-time. If you love a singer and want to see where they are performing in your area you can then hop on the Songkick app and find artist information.

Also already featured are offerings from Last.fm and We Are Hunted along with expert tips from Pitchfork, Rolling Stone and The Guardian.

Spotify claims that each app is tailored to an individual users preferences and from what I can tell that appears to be the case at this stage of production.

Over the next several days Spotify will be introducing the new apps which can be found in the App Finder located in Spotify’s left sidebar.

In the meantime here’s a video that offers an excellent explanation of Spotify Apps:

Do you plan to use Spotify Apps as you listen to your favorite artists and discover new music?