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Path Launches New ‘Smart Journal’ Path 2

path 2

Social network Path has reconfigured a bit, posting on its blog about changes to the service and dubbing itself a “smart journal.”

As Facebook settles with the US government over alleged privacy violations and submits to twenty years of monitoring, Path is emphasizing its focus on controlled sharing and smaller share-groups for information-leak sensitive users. In a blog post detailing the changes, Path describes Path 2 with changes such as a wake/sleep setting- so as not to bother you with pinging notifications while you doze and even track how much sleep you’re getting. Path says:

With these new ways of sharing stories, we had to re-imagine what a Path is and what it looks like. To start, we made it so you can now see and enjoy your stories through a simple, uncluttered, full-screen view. Decorating the top of your Path is your Cover: a large photo of your choosing that serves as wallpaper for your Path. If you’re just getting started with Path, you can choose from 42 hand-picked photos by photographer John Carey or a photo from your own library…

The post continues:

Your trust in Path has also motivated us to build a new feature we call Automatic. This amazing new feature enables Path to learn about you as you go about your daily routine.  You can optionally choose to have your Path updated with stories about your life—automatically. For example, Path updates whenever you spend time in a new neighborhood. Or, if you travel to a new city, Path lets your loved ones know. Path is now a journal that writes itself. Less effort from you, more stories in your Path.

Have you been using Path at all? Do you feel there is a need for a less-open social network?