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Harvard Launches i-Lab Startup Incubator Program

Harvard i-Lab

Harvard University not only wants to provide their students with an ivy league education, they also want to be sure that each student who passes through their doors has the chance to become an entrepreneur and to accomplish that goal they have launched the startup incubator program i-Lab.

Short for “Harvard Innovation Lab” the program received Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s stamp of approval during his recent recruiting trip to the University he dropped out of after founding Facebook.

The programs building houses classrooms for study and academic research while also giving students access to large meeting rooms where they can co-work and focus on project development.

The i-Lab program has also built strong partnerships with the Massachusetts Small Business Development Center Network where students can receive one-on-one coaching, attend workshops and receive training from a community of mentors.

Do you think Harvard can help motivate more entrepreneurs to come forward or do ivy league students tend to do better when released into the world on their own, much like Zuckerberg was while attending the university.