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Morgan Spurlock Joins Yahoo! For New Series ‘Failure Club’

Morgan Spurlock

After failing to convince major TV networks that his year round series Failure Club was a good idea Morgan Spurlock (Supersize Me) has brought his series to Yahoo!’s new platform of original programming.

In the series seven people will meet each week to help one another reach the dreams that have passed them by. For example a stay-at-home mom will be helped in launching her own business while a market researcher will attempt to become a stand-up comic.

Spurlock will help individuals reach their dreams with the help of other stars including Niecy Nash, Judy Green and Cameron Mathison.

Speaking about his show Spurlock revealed:

“This show is my own Failure Club,” and “I tried to get this concept on network television for seven years, but they were all scared to death of a ‘year-long’ format. Yahoo! wants to try things traditional outlets shy away from.”

As Spurlock points out, some people will succeed while other’s will fail, the idea is that they are at least given a chance to pursue their drams. According to Spurlock:

People all over the world will be able to follow these courageous people and their quest to achieve their dreams … And, hopefully along the way, they’ll be inspired to chase some dreams of their own.”

Will you tune in to see what Spurlock and his team can help hopeful participants achieve?