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YouTube’s ‘Annoying Orange’ Headed to Cartoon Network

the annoying orange TV show

The nearly two-year-old web series “The Annoying Orange,” which is YouTube’s eighth most subscribed channel, is making the leap to TV.

Tubefilter notes that word the show was about to jump to the small screen has been bandied about for a year or so, but it’s now official- “The Annoying Orange” is coming to Cartoon Network. Management company The Collective and creator Dane Boedigheimer have paired up to produce 15 episodes of “The Annoying Orange,” which come in at a half an hour long apiece.

Boedigheimer commented on the perks of a web series transitioning to TV and how web and TV work in tandem to drive traffic:

“Basically the plan is to really take advantage of TV’s longer format and expand the AO world way beyond what it is on YouTube…really dive into the characters and their personalities… Of course we would continue to do the YouTube show as well. I think there’s an advantage to being able to drive traffic to TV via the web and vice versa. The two will work together in tandem.”

“The Annoying Orange” is set to debut on TV some time in the first half of next year, and Malcolm McDowell (amusingly of “A Clockwork Orange”) has signed on to voice one of the characters.