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What Is A Nuffic Agreement

Standard internship agreement for non-EU/EEA students Alternative If a company decides not to use the Nuffic internship agreement, it is required to propose an internship agreement that meets the requirements of Article 1f(2) bwav. This article provides: a. The traineeship shall be carried out on the basis of a written traineeship agreement between the educational institution, the employer (the organisation offering the traineeship) and the trainee, which shall include at least agreements on the trainee`s tasks, learning objectives, working hours, duration of the traineeship and allowances, as well as accident and liability insurance; If you come from a non-EEA country (ERA: all EU countries as well as Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland) and want to do an internship in a company, you may be asked to sign a Nuffic internship contract.

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