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The Four Agreements Leadership

Here are the four agreements that you might consider life rules or guidelines on life: If you put these four agreements into practice and are intentionally, you will be more aware of themselves. And instead of trying to do your best, you have other perspectives that will help you improve and be a more effective leader. Many of our coaching clients ask us for book recommendations, especially on the topic of leadership. Don Miguel Ruiz`s Four Accords is probably the book we recommend most often – and it`s one of our absolute favorites. It is powerful, deep and gives you a framework to work optimally. It`s not new and it`s already known, so why am I talking about it, maybe you`re wondering? If you are aware of my work, you know that my approach to executive development is based on self-control. The best leaders are confident and autonomous. They do not easily get shaken by adverse events and know how to react intentionally instead of reacting. This may seem too theoretical or spiritual to be a feasible leadership philosophy, but the four agreements are directly applicable to all aspects of a leader`s personal and professional life.

Here are my main discoveries after a recent double digestion of the author`s effective ideas: I recently heard the audible book “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. Based on Tolèque wisdom, which is a philosophy or way of life based on the key concept that we don`t really see life; What we really see is our filtering system, which is made up of our beliefs, expectations, agreements, and assumptions. It`s easier to make changes if you`re not overwhelmed and can focus on one thing at a time. So just choose an agreement every week for the next four weeks. For example, focus on being blameless with your word and talking about it for an entire week. Or focus on not taking things personally. The four chords are simple, but powerful. All you need to do is put them into practice consistently. Here are three places to start: this one is simple: TELL THE TRUTH.

I`m just trying to say what I mean, showing my colleagues and clients that I can be trusted. ESPECIALLY NOW THAT COVID-19 IS INFAMOUS FOR STEALING THE TRUST WE HAVE IN EACH OTHER. AND IN THE WORLD AS A WHOLE. I firmly believe that those who, by their words, are beyond reproach are more likely to be welcomed into team projects, deserve leadership and get more business. And the fourth chord of always doing your best is almost like the combination of all….

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