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Short Form Stock Purchase Agreement Practical Law

As part of good corporate governance, the board of directors of the buyer and seller should hold meetings to approve the terms of acquisition prior to the signing of the share purchase agreement. In addition, there are different versions of the share purchase agreement for intra-group transactions and auctions. In the case of large transactions and auctions, it is customary for sellers to set up a data space containing information about the target company that the buyer can access during due diligence. Data space can be a physical data space, although it is increasingly common for sellers to use an online data space that allows potential buyers to access materials through a website. American entrepreneurship is alive and is increasingly taking the form of start-ups. Start-ups are different from small businesses or “grocery stores” because they have huge growth potential. For example, Facebook, Instagram and Airbnb, not the local hair salon. Because of this huge growth potential, start-ups have specific legal issues and needs. The purpose of this research guide is to help a newcomer to the practice of start-ups or emerging companies to find sources to tackle these legal issues.

Other agreements that may be relevant for the acquisition of shares in private companies include a guarantee and compensation instrument, a contribution agreement and a loan instrument. Signature The terms of the share purchase agreement require the seller to deliver a number of documents to the buyer once completed. These may include share certificates (or compensation for lost share certificates), letters of resignation from the directors, secretary and accountants of the target company, as well as documents relating to purchase price retention agreements (or fiduciary agreements). Legal due diligence often contains a lengthy questionnaire from the buyer`s lawyers who ask the seller for information. The buyer`s lawyers then draw up a legal due diligence report to the buyer, which highlights possible legal problems. The buyer will be particularly interested in topics that may affect the value of the business they are acquiring, for example.B. large potential pension or environmental debts. . . .

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