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Edris User Agreement

inform the user of new humanitarian contributions as part of his subscription. NHS Scotland believes sanctions will only be an effective deterrent if they are fully understood. It should also be clear that NHS Scotland focuses more on prevention than punishment. The eDRIS User Agreement [696Kb] must be signed by each authorized user before having access to the system. The agreement also defines the sanctions and sanctions that can be imposed as a result of non-compliance. An example of an offence is the transfer of login data to another user. In this case, a first offence would result in a one-year ban on access, while a second offence would result in a permanent suspension. No no. Whether you use a physical or remote workstation for safe ports, you cannot retrieve data. Secure access points have not blocked USB ports and usable monitoring software and record all attempts to download or download software or data through external devices. The eDRIS User Agreement [696Kb] describes the responsibilities of users in data processing. The data controller only stores your personal data for the time necessary to achieve the purpose of the collection or further processing, namely from the date of validation of a user account, the personal data is kept until the user contacts the following email to delete his personal data.

Access to your personal data shall be ensured for Commission staff responsible for carrying out this processing operation and for authorised agents, in accordance with the principle of knowledge. These employees comply with legal confidentiality agreements and, where applicable, additional confidentiality agreements. Back up all necessary agreements for data sharing and processing between all data controllers and data processors (see Table 4). You can access your data via the National Safe Haven on the 2nd floor, No9 Bioquarter, Little France Road, Edinburgh, or, in some cases, via remote access from your computer. You will receive a user name and password to log in to the computer. For more information on using NSS National Safe Havens, please see Safe Haven. (i) Before a data controller can exchange data, a data sharing agreement must be in writing and signed by the data controller and the researcher. You need a separate agreement for data sharing for each data controller. It is an agreement that clearly defines roles and responsibilities to ensure that the project is legal and safe. The data sharing agreement is usually established by the relevant data controller. At the beginning of your study, you will be asked how long you will likely need access to related data to perform your analyses. This should also be indicated in each application that seeks access to the data.

The active investigation area remains open until the end of the period indicated. One month before this expiry date, your eDRIS research coordinator will contact you to check if you are accompanied by the archiving of all data stored in the active study area. You can extend the duration of access to the data for an additional fee and your eDRIS research coordinator can discuss this with you. The data is kept in the archive for the time indicated and then destroyed. The archiving time can be extended after consultation. Please contact eDRIS via central messaging (phs.edris@phs.scot) or by phone on 0131 275 7333. 2. A private area subject to a prior subscription to create a user account for each user.

This space is strictly limited to staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Member States of the European Union working in the field of humanitarian aid. Authorized users access the restricted area in order to insert, update and validate their countries` humanitarian aid and to subscribe to automatic notifications of new or updated humanitarian contributions provided by the European Commission or a Member State of the European Union. Note: Use of a small text file created by the EDRIS website and stored on the user`s computer (cookies) Table 4: Agreements needed for this eDRIS connection study is a one-stop shop for research and interconnection of health and management data in Scotland. . . .

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