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Custody Account Agreement

FDIC Insurance on Your Account: Deposit insurance is limited to a total of $250,000 for all deposits held in the same legal property with the bank, including this account and any other credit you have at the bank, either directly or through other intermediaries. A person with several different accounts at the bank would aggregate the balances of those accounts to $US 250,000 for FDIC insurance coverage. Authorized Representatives: Authorized representatives are persons authorized to act on behalf of the user. The user must provide the corresponding appointment documents. However, we retain printable versions of your bank statements for seven (7) years or longer periods, as required by applicable law. You agree to notify Rhove of any changes to your postal or e-mail address. Any account holder or authorized signatory of a joint account can change the mailing address of your account. Notification of an account holder shall constitute notification to all holders of joint accounts in a joint account. Customer Information: To help the government combat the financing of terrorism and money laundering, federal law requires all financial institutions to receive, verify, and record information identifying any beneficiary who opens an account. When the user opens an account, the bank requires the user to indicate their legal business name, address, date of business creation, entity type, business scope and authorized representative as defined below. The bank may also request to consult the user`s driver`s license or other identification documents. The user also authorizes Rhove to provide this information to the Bank to the extent necessary for the creation of this account. In the case of deposit agreements used for benefit programs, the custodian raises funds from staff through regular salary deductions and invests the money; All fees related to these agreements are generally lower than those that would be charged to each investor.

The employee, not the custodian, may be required to keep all records confirming that the distribution has been exempt from tax….

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