|| Author: Duncan Riley|

Certified Angus Beef License Agreement

Sysco`s requirements for its Supreme Angus Beef program are different from those of American Angus. The CAB program does not allow a carcass with signs of bleeding or dark-cutting properties, a fat content study is allowed and the carcass must have an average marble texture. Other evidence tended to show that Sysco accepted a smaller percentage of the Angus breed in its meat used for the program. These requirements do not appear in the Supreme Angus Beef program. No evidence was provided regarding the source of the Angus used by Sysco in its program. However, the program`s packer has been identified as Montford of Colorado, Inc. You represent that you have the right to grant the license set for granted therein. Defense lawyers also argue that the injunction requires defendants to disclose trade secrets.

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