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Chill.com Brings Interactive Chat To Hulu Viewing Parties

Chill TV Website

Chill.com is attempting to make the TV viewing experience a whole lot more social by allowing Hulu viewers to watch popular shows with one another while chatting about those shows at the same time.

The program works by setting a set time for viewers to tune in, at which point viewers of shows such as House and Law & Order can watch along with one another while holding conversations.

Speaking to GigaOM’s NewTeeVee Brian Norgard, founder of Chill revealed:

“This is the true water cooler effect.”

He may be onto something there as more users today are taking to social avenues to talk about shows and other media events they have witnessed. As an increasing number of people Tweet and post Facebook messages with friends about the shows they watch Chill.com allows them to engage on a real-time level.

Speaking to Lost Remote Chill’s Andrew Skotzko revealed:

“We think there is a certain class of customers who want a fully integrated experience rather than an on-demand solo experience.  We think they want to engage with other fans in an integrated environment that ties all the elements together—premium content, their social and interest graph, direct engagement with each other—into a shared, real-time, immersive experience.  That’s the goal.”

Are you willing to set a time schedule for the shows you watch if it means more interaction than traditional streaming on-demand playback?