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AT&T Concept Story Replaces Registers With iPads and iPhones In Chicago

ATT iPad Concept Store

A new AT&T concept store recently opened in Chicago giving customers a unique experience by removing registers and replacing them with iPads and iPhones for quick on the go transactions. The store also features two gigantic interactive touchscreen walls for a more intuitive offering.

The concept store is also nearly two times the size of an average AT&T store with more than 10,000 square feet of operational space. According to AllThingsD the additional space will be used in 2012 to showcase new accessories for portable devices, for example the Jambox portable speakers system.

Users entering the store will immediately recognize the conceptual design which closely mirrors Apple’s own retail stores through the use of giant glass windows that showcase what’s inside.

According to Electronista:

The store’s unique features, including bar-type stools for demos and an open space meant to appeal to women who spend more time weighing purchases in store, are meant to “scale or fail.”

Do you think the concept will take off?