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Fleshbot Up For Grabs

fleshbot for sale

If you’re not aware of Gawker’s porn title Fleshbot, you could easily be forgiven and perhaps be considered a bit of a web celibate- the site is a well-curated, Gawker-style rundown of daily internet porn.

Gawker doesn’t trumpet the site as much as it does other titles like Lifehacker or i09- Fleshbot isn’t even listed on the main Gawker Media landing page among all its other blogs. And it would seem the redheaded stepchild syndrome has spurred the site to look for a new set of parents.

A post on Fleshbot announced the site’s for-sale status, highlighting the fact that the blog isn’t well-supported by Gawker’s current advertising and sales strategy:

…as [Gawker Media] has grown, its sales strategy and technology platform have ceased to effectively support Fleshbot’s needs. We think someone else could be a much better partner to grow the site with us…and as such, Fleshbot is for sale.

The post highlights what sets Fleshbot apart from other porn sites as well as its standing between mainstream sites and their more scandalous counterparts:

As one of the only adult properties that manages to maintain a solid foothold in the mainstream world, Fleshbot is a unique property—and with our star-studded and much lauded Awards show, we’ve only increased our potential to dominate the mainstream media. We seek a new home where we can continue to curate the best smut the world has to offer, and continue to grow our traffic (currently at 25+million monthly pages and 1+million monthly uniques).

Interested parties are directed to email inquiries@fleshbot.com.