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No brands on social media for us says majority of Britons

I have never been much of a believer in the whole marketing aspect of social media services like Twitter or that people want to become friends, or followers, of brands. As far as I am concerned, especially after being a long time user of Twitter, most companies couldn’t properly use Twitter as a marketing tool if the answer was handed to them on a golden platter.

So it comes as no surprise then, to me at least, that a new study shows that six out of ten Britons, or 61% for those who like percentages, do not want to engage with brands on social media.

Research group TNS has found that any failure for brands to connect with people on social media can be dropped directly in the lap of those brands due to setting up Twitter accounts and Facebook pages that just don’t attract visitors.

Matthew Froggatt, chief development officer at TNS had this to say:

Digital waste is the accumulation of thousands of brands rushing online without thinking who they want to talk to, and why. Many brands have recognised the vast potential audiences available to them on social networks; however they are failing to understand that these spaces belong to the consumer and their presence needs to be proportionate and justified.

via New Media Age

TNS has found though that even with the number who don’t connect online with brands there is 32% of people who do connect with brands. As well the majority of the 72,000 people involved in the research said that they do engage with brands if there is a promotion or special offer involved.