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Amazon Kindle Fire To Offer Free 3-Month Subscriptions [Wired, New Yorker And More]

Amazon Kindle Fire

When the Amazon Kindle Fire goes on sale this Tuesday the company plans to offer more than 400 magazine and newspaper subscriptions to go along with various other Amazon App Store programs and now we’ve learned that some of those subscriptions will be free for the first 3-months.

Purchased for a price of just $199 (a loss leader for Amazon) the device is expected to offer users the chance to subscribe to a handful of magazines at zero cost for the first 3-months of use.

Among some of the company current free offerings will be GlamourGQThe New YorkerVanity Fair and Wired. You may recognize all of those titles as Conde Nast owned publications, it’s their publications that will be offered with the free trial option.

According to Amazon chief digital officer Liz Schimel in an interview with The Wall Street Journal:

“The challenge is that we have a big segment of the mass market in middle America, who are not early adopters and are price sensitive,” and “This device breaks that barrier.”

As Mashable’s  points out:

It’s unlikely, however, that all of these editions will already be optimized for the Kindle Fire in the same way that, say, Esquire is optimized for the iPad. Newspapers will be better off, because they pull from a feed, but magazines will likely take longer to fully adapt to the 7-inch format and Android operating system on a weekly or monthly basis.

Will you be picking up free publication subscriptions with your Amazon Kindle Fire purchase?