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Saul Hansell Quits AOL To Join Venture Firm Betaworks

Saul Hansell

Saul Hansell left his 17-year post at the New York Times two years ago to join AOL and now the entrepreneur has announced his departure from the company to take a post at New York based venture firm Betaworks.

According to Hansell he wanted to go from watching people start things to starting things of his very own.

When joining AOL in 2009 Hansell wrote on AOL‘s blog:

I know my friends in the technology press well enough to suspect some of them will see my move as part of a broader trend at AOL. I’m not sure the easy take is the right one. Based on my experience, I am more bullish on Tim Armstrong’s clear vision of a company built from the ground up for online journalism and the potential of AOL’s many assets to achieve that vision.

Speaking with Poynter Hansell says it’s “too soon” to reveal his future plans while saying:

“But I think there is a lot left to invent around both how to present news to people that takes advantage of the technology available today.”