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MSM Embracing Blogging, Study Finds

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Mainstream media sources still like to have a bit of a go at the blogosphere, painting the same blogs they cite for a growing amount of their digital content as imprecise, unpolished opinion pieces published from the comfort of somebody’s mother’s basement.

But while blogging is still making headway as a medium, that hasn’t stopped big news sources using the platform as an effective way to spread their reach and move into new media spaces more thoroughly and efficiently than they might have sticking to other media. Data was recently released by Technorati illuminating the role of blogging in media overall, and the results confirmed that while social media is massive, blogs are still the pulse of the new media scene.

Technorati CEO Shani Higgins says that while microblogging and Facebook shares have their place, news blogs are still the go-to source in the genre:

“Go to the websites of The New York Times and CNN, any of them. Blogging is a huge component of what is happening. They are bridging the gap between opinion and real-time happenings.”

Higgins also said:

“It’s healthy and it’s mature… It’s becoming more and more blurred with traditional media: Every traditional media source has a blog and is using a blog to create communities around their topics and articles.”

The study revealed that while more men than women blog, that ratio is evening out- and that a pretty impressive 4% of bloggers rely on blogging as their primary source of income, with 37% of that number reporting blogging as their sole source of income. Technorati’s full “State of the Blogosphere” report can be found here.