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AOL Reports: Ad Revenue Rises While Total Revenue Declines

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AOL on Wednesday announced a global ad revenue increase of  8% year over year in the three months ending September while the company also revealed a 6% decline in total revenues.

According to a company report AOL pulled in $317.7 million in advertising revenue, a second straight quarter of global growth.

AOL’s increased ad revenue comes courtesy of a 15% year-on-year growth in digital display ad revenue with a US display advertising rate of 14% and an international increase of 28%.

Executives say part of the increase was based on the company’s ability to increase display revenue for premium ad placement and by increasing the amount of premium ad inventory the company had on hand.

Skeptics of the company’s increasing revenue are worried that AOL has only increased their average monthly visitor levels by 1 million people over the last year, taking the company’s total user base to 107 million. The Huffington Post Media group received 97 million average unique visitors in Q3 2011, flat compared to one year ago.