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BlogHer Inks Year-Long Deal With P&G

High-profile women’s blog network BlogHer has entered into a partnership with conglomerate P&G to “deliver support, connections and convenience” to the site’s 26 million monthly readers.

A press release announcing the BlogHer/P&G deal was notably scant on details- lacking information on how much money, for instance, the initiative would cost P&G. Also missing was any specific detail on how BlogHer’s content would be affected, which content if any or all falls under the terms of the deal and what level of access P&G has to BlogHer’s registered users.

In the release, the editorial focus adopted for the P&G partnership- the super Oprah-like “Life Well Lived” theme- is expounded upon:

“Live Well Lived” is a year-long, custom program that celebrates and highlights the variety of ways that different women find fulfillment and balance in their lives. The program provides a framework for distributing curated content and special offers via a network of prominent partner blogs. “Life Well Lived’s” content will live in a hub on BlogHer.com and will focus on three key areas: Looking Your Best, Getting Organized, and Getting Happy, with expert bloggers leading discussions and sharing information culled from the community to help women achieve their personal goals for each area.

One interesting data point the press release highlights is that 80% of BlogHer readers are said to have purchased a product based on a BlogHer review. If such numbers are accurate, one can’t help but wonder if reader trust- particularly with a rising anti-corporate political sentiment among web users- will dissipate at least slightly in the wake of the P&G influence- and cash infusion.

The dedicated “Life Well Lived” BlogHer page is markedly fresher and far more modern than the BlogHer landing page, so the P&G partnership does have a few perks for the network. Still, the advertorial concept never went over massively well with readers in print- does it have a better shot when used by bloggers?