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IGN Launches Gaming Centric YouTube Channel, START

IGN Start

As buzz builds surrounding YouTube’s new Channels initiative, one of the upcoming channels has been revealed to be a gaming-centric initiative called START, from gaming media network IGN.

According to a post on IGN’s site, START will be populated with “all-new and exclusive content not found on IGN.com or IGN’s current YouTube channels,” and it will feature both live and pre-recorded content centered around gaming. START content will be provided by Shine Group company Reveille. A press release indicates that celebrities will regularly appear on the channel, IGN Entertainment president Roy Bahat commented:

“Games deserve to be right up there with sports and music and sci-fi, as the subject of some of the greatest pieces of entertainment of our time. This is the perfect opportunity for us to create an entertainment hit, born in the world of video games.”

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He continued:

“We’re thrilled to partner with Shine Group — one of the best content creators in the business — to help video games content make its mark with TV-quality programming.”

The START Channel will debut on YouTube in January.