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Macy’s Launches New Blog, mBlog, Focusing on Beauty, Fashion

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With the tagline “Macy’s news, reviews, magic & more,” department store Macy’s has launched a new blog attached to its site Macys.com.

The newly minted blog will have a predictable editorial schedule, covering topics centered on the store’s departments on rotating days of the week. Mondays will be devoted to women’s fashion on mBlog, while men’s fashion and gadgets are the topic of discussion on Tuesdays. Wednesdays are devoted to home, while accessories take the top spot Thursdays and beauty is Friday’s regular topic. Saturdays and Sundays will feature a “potpourri of content,” and product links will be peppered throughout so readers can purchase items promoted on mBlog.

MarketingVox.com pointed out that Macy’s, like other blog owners, must fall in line with Federal Trade Commission rules regarding disclosure. The site says:

“Retailers have adjusted their relationships with these influencers to meet regulations – and thus developed a wide range of new models. In some cases, the brands makes no bones about the ties. In other cases, the retail brand does not want to give the appearance of a blogger getting paid to influence his or her readers. Macy’s appears to be falling in the second category with its focus on general topics.”

In a press release, Macy’s executive vice president of marketing Martine Reardon commented:

“Macys.com is already a leading resource for fresh fashion, home and beauty products from the world’s top brands. We are excited to enrich our customers’ online experience, offering a destination for high-quality content that gives readers direct access to a unique and influential set of voices.”