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Style.Com/Print Hits… The Newsstand


It’s opposite day on Medacity, and I’m telling you about the expansion of a successful, decade-old web property to print.

To further enhance the oddness of the web-to-print venture, Style.com has titled their new print version Style.com/Print, perhaps a nod to the fact the notion seems not all that intuitive. The Conde Nast property has been kicking around on the web since 2000, and has amassed a strong stream of traffic in its 10 plus years online. Editor Dirk Standen told the New York Times about the vision behind a print version of the successful site:

“We wanted to give the reader a sense of what it is like to go through the journey of the [runway] shows, from New York to London to Milan to Paris.”

Amusingly, the site established for the print version touts information available just “three weeks after the last look left the runway,” but explains the project aims to offer web readers “both a first view and a collectible distillation of Spring 2012.” Why this cannot be done in the existing digital format was not really discussed.

The issue will cost $14.99 at the newsstand, or $4.99 if ordered online before the official Halloween release.