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B2B Social Media Mags Launching, But Print is Low on the Agenda

social media mags fb and business

A group of new magazines covering social media are launching this week from GSG World Media, but not surprisingly, print is nearly an afterthought for the publications with a hyperconnected focus.

It will be interesting to see if mainly-digital launches become the new norm, but it doesn’t seem like a shock for a series of magazines titled per a press release FB & Business (Facebook), LI & Business (LinkedIn) and The Big G & Business (Google.) The same release notes that an “exclusive partnership with Office Depot has contributed to a launch circulation of over 14 million business readers, eclipsing former business circulation leaders like The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek & Fortune.”

GSG CEO Larry Genkin tried a similar venture back in 2007-2008 with a mag called Blogger & Podcaster, but the title didn’t take off in the market at the time. Now Genkin says he felt he had to “pinch [himself] when [he] realized nobody else was doing this.”

The magazines are available in seven digital forms as well as print, and more information is available at socialmediamags.com.