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Blogger Gets TSA Agent Disciplined After Inappropriate Note

TSA vibrator note

Transporting sensitive or personal goods through the airport, especially in this age of tightened security- is always a bit of a nail-biter, and pretty much everyone is afraid that the TSA is sifting through their tampons and Ben-Wa balls, giggling and adding their names to a roster of perverts or people with embarrassing conditions.

And thanks to the blogosphere, those fears have been partially validated. Jill Filipovic, a blogger for cleverly named feminist blog Feministe, lived every masturbating woman’s nightmare when she opened her bags at her destination to discover a friendly note on her personal vibrator. The toy, a minimally embarrassing “silver bullet,” was apparently discovered by a nosy airport screener, who helpfully penned the quip “get your freak on girl” on a TSA document, with logos.

I’ll admit to being skeptical when this story broke because it’s nearly unbelievable even a TSA agent would be arrogant enough as to violate a passenger’s privacy so blatantly. But confirmation of Filipovic’s tale came from the TSA itself:

Earlier this week, a passenger found a highly inappropriate note scrawled on a “Notice of Inspection” that TSA places in checked bags if they are required to be searched. She tweeted a photo of what she found and we soon learned of the incident. TSA quickly launched an investigation and identified the employee responsible. That individual was immediately removed from screening operations and appropriate disciplinary action has been initiated.

The handwritten note was highly inappropriate and unprofessional, and TSA has zero tolerance for this type of behavior. Agency officials have also reached out to the passenger to personally apologize for this unfortunate incident.

The TSA did not detail specifically what action was taken against the unnamed agent.