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Google News Begins Highlighting Unique Content With “Editor’s Picks”

Google News Editors Picks

Google on Thursday announced via their official company blog that Google News will now feature unique content hand picked by Google News publishers.

According to Google the picks will involve:

Long-form investigative features, compelling photo slideshows or interactive maps and charts that add new levels of engagement to the day’s news.

The section, located on the right-hand column of the U.S. edition is called “Editor’s Picks” and features stories publishers have selected as highlights from their own publications.

The program does still rely on Google algorithms and while their algorithms are some of the best in the industry that does mean the program will rely on the publisher feeds from various local, national and niche publishers which may throw up the occasional odd choice in story.

Feeds are customized based off news preferences and several other factors which can be adjusted using the slider that appears just below the articles.

According to the Google News team:

You may have first noticed Editors’ Picks as an experiment last year. Based on the data from that experiment, we have been working with nearly two dozen publishers in recent months and have seen a positive response from readers and publishers alike: readers get the news they’re interested in from the sources they trust, and publishers receive higher traffic to their websites. We encourage any news organizations that are interested to visit our Help Center to get started.

Check out the Google News Editor’s Picks and let us know what you think.