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Obama’s Tumblr: Commander in Chief Experiments With Growing Platform For 2012 Campaign

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Okay, Tumblr, after a year of explosive growth and exponentially increasing user base, it’s probably safe to say you’ve made it.

President Barack Obama now has a Tumblr account, adding the blogging/social media hybrid service to the stable of places where citizens can friend him and share and reblog information coming from the White House. Hosted over at barackobama.tumblr.com, a first post to the President’s account seems to indicate that the Obama campaign has fully embraced the features of the service. It invites fellow Tumblr users to submit content to the President Obama Tumblr, increasing the chances the Commander in Chief’s new blog will take off:

There are lots of reasons we’re excited to be launching the Obama 2012 campaign’s new Tumblr today. But mostly it’s because we’re looking at this as an opportunity to create something that’s not just ours, but yours, too.

We’d like this Tumblr to be a huge collaborative storytelling effort—a place for people across the country to share what’s going on in our respective corners of it and how we’re getting involved in this campaign to keep making it better.

The inaugural post even acknowledges the possibility that not all contributions will be positive and directs haters to please file over to the left:

There will be trolls among you: this we know. We ask only that you remember that we’re people—fairly nice ones—and that your mother would want you to be polite.

Will Obama’s social media savvy win him an edge as the 2012 election draws nearer? Will you be following Obama’s Tumblr?