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Guardian Expects One Millionth Facebook App Install This Weekend

Guardian Facebook App

On September 22, 2011 the Guardian launched their beta version of a new Facebook news reading application and now one month later the company says they are about to surpass one million app installations.

On October 5, two weeks after the launch the company announced that they had already received 129,000 app installs with more than 600,000 stories read, a number that began to go viral after users friends began to see stories popping up in news feeds.

Using the Facebook application users can read news via a single sign-in option when they agree to share their viewing habits with others.

The program launched at Facebook’s London based F8 conference and Content sales and marketing director at the Guardian Chris Lawson then made the one million installs prediction at the Media Guardian Changing Advertising Summit 2011 on Thursday in London.

The Guardian is expected to release exact installation and story numbers in the next few days.