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Gartner says that by 2015 more than 50% of online sales will be mobile

Mobile is big and getting bigger everyday if the numbers being bandied about concerning the incredible number of smartphones being activated every day are any indication. Along with that will obviously be our increased mobile consumption of content and searching for “stuff” which Gartner says will amount to 50% of all online sales by 2015.

Even with out current technology and services like group buying deals that are accessible on our mobile devices to cutting edge technology like RFC, which allows for automatic purchasing just by passing an RFC equipped mobile device in front of a cash register, it is getting easier to find and buy things we want while on the go.

“E-commerce organizations will need to scale up their operations to handle the increased visitation loads resulting from customers not having to wait until they are in front of a PC to obtain answers to questions or place orders,” said Gene Alvarez, research vice president at Gartner. “In time, e-commerce vendors will begin to offer context-aware mobile-shopping solutions as part of their overall Web sales offerings.”

“Customers are clamoring for new and easy ways to interact with the organizations they deal with, and no company should think itself immune to this new business dynamic,” Mr. Alvarez said. “As more people use smartphones, they will expect an extension of their customer experience to be supported by this kind of device while demanding that social aspects of the Web be intertwined with this experience. At the same time, organizations are looking toward new countries and regions for growth. As a result, it is time to take a fresh look at your organization’s Web sales capabilities to ensure that social software, mobile technology and globalization are part of your organization’s online future.”

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As it is right now tech companies like Google are vying for a piece of those mobile dollars and as existing technology gets more accessible and cheap we will see more an more of this “buying on the go” happening.