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Pandora Announces HTML5 Enabled Large Format Advertising Banner For Lexus Campaign

Pandora Lexus Campaign

Pandora on Thursday announced the availability of a new full page premium advertising option that uses HMTL5 via the newly redesigned Pandora website.

The new 970 x 250 banner ad which runs video with an integrated skin is part of the Lexus ‘Engineering Amazing’ campaign and is targeted at 25-year-old to 54-year-old listeners.

Heidi Browning, Pandora’s senior vice president of strategic solutions said of the new offering:

“This campaign illustrates how we continue to innovate while balancing the listener experience. Our billboard ad unit will help brands build awareness at scale and grab the listener’s attention at first impression with a gorgeous canvas. We strive for all of the ads on our site to be as personal and relevant to each listener as the music they are listening to.”

“The ‘Engineering Amazing’ campaign features some of our most compelling safety and hybrid technology, so it aligns well with Pandora and allows us to deliver our message to an engaged audience that expects to receive relevant ads with minimal disruption,” statesBrian Smith, vice president of marketing at Lexus.

Lexus and Pandora have been working closely together over the last several months, in the past Lexus gave away one-month subscriptions to the Pandora One service while a second campaign helped create stations that Lexus and Pandora believed would feature music that will last the test of time.

The new Lexus full-page HTML5 ads are popping up at various times so be sure to check for them when listening to music on your Pandora enabled radio station.