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Rocketboom Taking $1m a Year

Andrew Baron’s long standing online video news show Rocketboom continues to thrive with news that one of the longest running videocasts is pulling in a neat $1 million a year.

In an interview with Tubefilter, Baron stated that the site is making money in two ways

Rocketboom has been making money in two ways. 1) Your regular, everyday video sponsorship, especially of slightly more targeted Rocketboom programming, like its New York City-centric fare. And 2) Through client work.

“It’s a bit unexpected,” says Baron, “but there’s a growing number of companies, sponsors, and advertisers that want to take advantage of our services and the creative ways we approach online video content.”

I’ve never been a huge fan (personally) of the Rocketboom show but I’ll repeat what I’ve written on other sites in the past: Andrew Baron is a genius in this space and it’s great to see him pulling in this sort of money.