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AOL Partners With VivaKi To Push Video Ad Spend Forward


AOL on Monday announced a new partnership with VivaKi, a union they hope will help them push forward their online video advertising platform.

VivaKi is viewed as an innovative player in the online video ad spend arena and their research effort known as “The Pool” has conducted “extensive research and testing in the online video space” according to AOL.

AOL noted that “In its first three waves of research or “lanes,” the ASq was selected as the most superior online video ad model, out-performing the industry’s pre-roll standard.”

At this time ASq has 15 certified publishers and has supported over 150 client campaigns for 35 advertisers with an overall reach of 400 million impressions.

Along with utilizing the ASq format VivaKi is expected to test new video ad formats across the AOL network, specifically focusing on advertising techniques that provide a more personalized aspect and social components for a users experience. ASq is made possible by VINDICO software and will be an integral part of the partnership for both company’s

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong said of the partnership:

“We are excited to be partnering with VivaKi to push product innovation forward and evolve online video ad models.” He goes on to explain, “We challenged the industry last year with the launch of Project Devil in display, which helped us rethink how content and advertising should be viewed on the Web, and we wanted to explore what the Devil principles and philosophies could mean for video ad formats. There is still so much opportunity for growth and innovation.”

Speaking about his company’s work Tracey Scheppach, VivaKi’s EVP/Innovations Director and Co-Founder of The Pool said:

“We know the ASq is a breakthrough idea, but there is room for more ad models that support the medium. No other platform can be sustained through simply one format, look at TV or display,” adding, “We gave our employees around the world, as well as our trusted partners, an opportunity to voice their ideas for the best online video ad models and we received 72 ideas in total, which we’ve narrowed down to the top three that will go into testing.”

The first version of the program will be seen in pre-roll overlay within a video player and provides users with an option to click and expand the ad into a branded toolbar, viewers are then given several ways to interact with the brand. Also being made available is a slate ad format that asks viewers to watch a full :30 ad or a :15 second ad that then asks them to answer one quick question.  The final starting format is a pre-roll overlay that provides Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social networking buttons that users can utilize to share product information from advertisements.

The lane project will begin in November 2011 and will be open to all VivaKi clients.