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35% of Americans Use Netflix Monthly, Study Says

netflix user statistics

Poor Netflix has gotten an all-around thrashing in recent weeks, both for jacking up rates to much user outcry as well as for their plummeting stock values as a number of subscribers quit in protest due to the rate hike.

There hasn’t been a lot of good Netflix news- the streaming service also lost access to Starz content when their current contract expires- but a new study reveals some incidental positive points about the service that reveal just how far Netflix is entrenched in American TV and film viewing habits. A Knowledge Networks study detailed that a pretty impressive 35% of Americans between the ages of 13 and 54 use the service at least once a month- and that 20% of those regular users report using their own cable provider’s VOD less due to their Netflix options.

Between DVDs and streaming, regular users of the service consume roughly 5 TV shows and 4 films a week via Netflix. And only 10% indicated they’d cancel Netflix service in favor of a similar service offered by their regular cable provider. The study hit Thursday– and while the stats were pretty favorable toward Netflix, it did not stop the company from losing another 11% in value by the closing bell.