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Fifth NYT Writer Defects to Huffington Post, Paper Loses Motherlode Blogger

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Another New York Times staffer has left the venerated paper for webbier pastures, bringing the total number of employees who have fled to the Huffington Post to five.

NYT writer Lisa Belkin- who authors the site’s popular parenting blog Motherlode- is the latest to defect to Arianna Huffington’s Huffington Post. Belkin has been the “go-to” parenting writer for the Times for years, says WWD, and is unsurprisingly joining the team for the new parenting vertical at HuffPo. Speaking to the fashion trade-mag, Belkin described her experiences writing for the web and what she finds exciting about the transition:

“In the past three years, I’ve learned to do something new,” said Belkin, referring to writing on the Web. “And I love doing it. And I discovered I’m not bad at it. What it is that I do now is why the Huffington Post exists — the constant interaction with readers, the feedback.”

Belkin continues:

“It’s not central to what the Times does. It shouldn’t be. That’s not why the Times exists. But since that I love doing it, I’m going to have an adventure at the place that was designed to do it.”

When asked whether her newly-reduced role at the Times was a factor in her defection, Belkin answered that it was just time for “a change.” The former NYT writer gave official notice to the paper Wednesday.