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AOL Music Loses Jeff Bronikowski To Echo Nest

Jeff BronikowskiLess than one year ago Jeff Bronikowski left Yahoo Music to worl at AOL Music and now AllThingsD is reporting that he’s made another shift, this time heading over to Boston-area startup Echo Nest, a development platform for music app developers.

Best known for creating apps through sponsored “Music Hack Days” the company is responsible for MOG’s music recommendation engine and most recently a personalized radio feature being used by iHeartReadio.

In his role Bronikowski will be responsible for finding new partnerships along the lines of MOG and iHeartRadio.

During his short time at AOL Jeff was Vice President and head of music tasked with taking the one-time respected music streaming service and placing it back into competition against recent startups including Spotify, Pandora and iHeartRadio among others.

Jeff was a “lone ranger” of sorts at AOL since the company shuttered their International music streaming offerings leaving only the U.S. market open for expansion.

AOL has replaced Bronikowski with Lisa Namerow while Geno Yoham will take over the company’s Winamp platform.

Jeff Bronikowski served 12-years at Universal Music Group before joining Yahoo, he was the VP of business development for the company before making his exit.