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Booze, Customized Toilet-Paper And Other Perks At AOL Headquarters

AOL Owned Media Properties

When Arianna Huffington became the “content chief” for Huffington Post after the online newspaper she formed was sold to AOL she arrived at AOL headquarters in Manhattan and immediately had “nap pods” installed on premise, but that wasn’t all she did, apparently she took “the app for when you crap” nickname given to the company’s “Editions” tablet application and had customized toiler-paper created with that slogan.

Working for a new media company often comes with internet company based perks and apparently no one in the new media industry is provided those perks better than AOL. Not only are naps allowed and massage chairs provided on campus, the company also serves booze to their employees.

According to Forbes, AOL HQ was originally offering “Accelerator Thursdays” where Karaoke was sung while drinks were served alongside an ice luge for chilled vodka shots, however the company has recently phased out that program and have replaced it with a Friday afternoon booze cart which travels around the office providing drinks to HuffPost and other AOL media writers as their weekend approaches.

The drink cart is believed to be a nod to Time Inc. where a drink cart was pushed around on nights when the magazine was being closed, it’s also a chance for new employees to push the cart and meet their fellow co-workers.

So remember, the next time you read a somewhat wonky sounding HuffPost article on a Friday afternoon, that writer may have had one too many from the roaming booze cart.