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Facebook to Add Read, Watched and Listened Buttons?

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Shared media on Facebook could stand to gain a bit of a bump if rumors about new, more dynamic Like-esque features pan out.

Dynamic media sharing seems to be a focus ahead of the f8 developer conference this month, and AllThingsD confirmed a tagline for the event of “Read. Watch. Listen.” And the implications of more drilled-down sharing on the site could be amazing for blogs and other sources of content on the web that could use a boost from the share-friendly site.

The new sharing categories are expected to aim to parse the content consumed by users in attempt to extend Facebook’s reach even further into general content consumption. Between the new social distinctions being pushed by the site and the new sharing features thought to be on deck for unveiling later this week at the conference, opportunities for content publishers to see their Facebook share rate rise dramatically.

Bloggers and multimedia content creators aren’t the only ones who stand to benefit from the service- Inside Facebook talks about how the data provided by the anticipated enhanced Like-ing will benefit advertisers with campaigns on the social network as well:

…all this data becomes monetizable. A user wouldn’t have to formally Like the Page of a book for Facebook to know they’re interested in reading, because they often click “Read” on news feed posts. Rather than having to add a long list of popular book to Facebook’s traditional Specific Interest keyword targeting, an advertiser could simply target the “Literature/Reading” category. Then any users who Liked Pages of book or have clicked “Read” on news feed posts might see their ads.

The f8 developer conference kicks off Thursday, and the “read,” “watched” and “listened” buttons are only one of a few new media initiatives expected to be announced during the gathering.