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MySpace’s Planned Relaunch Scaled Back, Put Off

When buzz began surrounding the re-jigger of MySpace, perhaps as a Spotify or iTunes competitor, the fate of the nearly-dead site inspired a bit of skeptical intrigue among people who follow such things.

MySpace has been a punchline perhaps for longer than it was a viable site, slowly and painfully slipping into obscurity as Facebook gained traction- and failing to adapt for users used to a cleaner and more updated interface for social networking. Then it went up for sale, and was marked down again and again, before News Corp. finally managed to unload the failure at a very sad price of $30 million.

But there was a glimmer of hope as the site was, allegedly, going to be reborn as, perhaps, a media hub. Now, according to sources speaking to the Wall Street Journal, the big plans from Specific Media may have gotten a bit less… splashy. In the WSJ, plans to launch the new MySpace were described as occurring more slowly than initially hoped:

Specific Media decided to scale back Myspace’s unveiling because plans for transforming the site into a hot spot for entertainment have been more “incremental” than anticipated, the person said. Specific Media now plans to hold the coming-out party during Madison Avenue’s “Advertising Week” conference in New York next month. Myspace is scheduled to host an opening-night concert.

A statement from MySpace blandly indicated that the Specific Media is “looking forward to [sharing] our learnings and initial plans for Myspace.” Specifics on the site have not yet been discussed by the parties behind the relaunch.