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Paul Carr Uses TechCrunch Post To Announce Resignation

Paul CarrIn a post published on Saturday night Tech Crunch writer Paul Carr announced his resignation from the tech site, a move that likely surprised nobody after Michael Arrington was fired from the company by Arianna Huffington.

In his post Carr attacks Erick Schonfeld, the sites new editor, for setting up a backroom deal with Huffington that gave him control of the company without the public blessing of Arrington. Carr also asserts that Schonfeld can’t possibly run a successful silicon valley based tech firm while residing in New York City, an assertion I at least partially agree with.

In his post Carr also writes about the now infamous feud between Mike and Arianna:

For what it’s worth — and this is the point in this post where I suspect Mike and I will part company — I still have a lot of time for Arianna Huffington. I was the first TechCrunch writer to celebrate her appointment as Editor in Chief of AOL and I still stand by much of what I wrote in my post welcomingOur Huffington Overlord. In this situation, though, I think she screwed up badly by allowing her growing personal animosity towards Mike — and, let’s be clear, this fight was almost entirely personal — to rule her head, ejecting Mike completely from the company he founded and installing his polar opposite as a puppet editor. As Barry Diller put it on Wednesday: “So now, he’s gone, and now they own this thing, which has no voice. Congratulations. What a good piece of business.”

In the meantime Carr says he’ll be passing along a book in the near future to his proofreaders and notes that he has two other undisclosed projects floating around which could be announced in seven days.

So what’s next for Tech Crunch? I suspect more resignations in the coming weeks, if not sooner.