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What the hell Facebook, are you trying to drive us all crazy?

I swear going to Facebook is starting to resemble going to a dentist appointment. You know you have to go, but the whole time you are there you feel like you’re going to crap your pants because the experience is nothing but stress and tension.

Facebook has become a morass of features and settings so deep and confusing you don’t know whether you are coming or going; and in the end just say screw it and carry on like before. To do otherwise suddenly turns that pleasant little visit to Facebook to get caught up with friends and family into a full tilt administration nightmare.

And it never seems to stop. Feature upon feature and with every move their competitors like Twitter and Google+ make Facebook comes back with yet more crap. Then to add insult to injury Facebook loves to constantly play around with your settings so you never know one visit to the next what will have changed.

Then just when you think things might be settling down Facebook will start some new major addition ala Places only to rip it out after finding out that not all 700 million users have fallen down on their knees to proclaim how great it is.

Now there’s a bit of a firebrand discussion going on about how Facebook is turning into the next Yahoo, or not. The idea being that in an effort to keep one step ahead of its competition is copying what ever new feature from that competition that catches its eye. As a result of this piling on of features and constantly changing settings is quickly turning Facebook into a top heavy entity that is loosing its way.

One has to wonder at one point when there is just too much stuff then ends up making the Facebook experience more painful and tiring than enjoyable and useful. I think that is much more of a concern instead of what other really cool feature they should pile on next.