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Arianna Huffington Launches HuffPo DC

Yesterday, Huffington Post head Arianna Huffington announced in a blog post that the site was adding a local Washington DC edition of the blog.

HuffPo has been expanding into a variety of verticals lately, including channels for the black community, engaged high school students and women, and the hyperlocal angle is just one of the many offshoots added by the site. The DC site joins New York and Los Angeles among sub-sites dedicated to geographic areas on the Huffington Post.

In her characteristic, flowery style, Huffington waxes on about her connection to DC and her aim for the new channel:

With a combination of original reporting, comprehensive curation, and a group blog that will function as a virtual public square for the city’s diverse voices, HuffPost DC will cover both sides of this dynamic yet divided city and allow our reporters and bloggers to stay on the local and regional stories that matter most to Washingtonians and their neighbors.

Huffington continues:

HuffPost DC will also offer comprehensive local coverage of the glittering aspects of life in our nation’s capital — from fundraisers, food, and fashion to sports, business, culture, and real estate. And to ensure the most comprehensive coverage of stories of regional interest, the HuffPost DC team will be showcasing stories from the surrounding Patches in Maryland and Virginia.

The blogging empire head did not disclose whether contributors to the Huffington Post DC would be paid for their efforts or if the posts were on a volunteer basis.